Portable Fire Hydrant Water Meter on One Each Fire Hydrant

Reader post:

Dear Water Watchers:

You have been sent 2 pictures. These are the Documented Visual
Readings of the one each , Portable Fire Hydrant Meter which was
observed for one calendar year or 12 calendar months.

Do the Math!

Nearly Two Million Gallons of Drinking Water was taken, from this One
Portable Drinking Water Meter at one Fire Hydrant at less than
$20.00 per 18 wheeler Trailer Load. This was for a period of One
Calendar Year or 365 calendar days.

Quite a Bargain??????????????

Just think I have heard there are approximately 40 of these meters
around the City of Midland, Texas

At 10 a.m. this morning on October 25,2011 I personally visually
observed another Portable Fire Hydrant drinking Water Meter being
installed at the North Side of the New Hospital Addition in Midland.

Think about it!?????????????????

We are doing the math… WOW!!

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From a viewer

This was sent in from a viewer…
Water Watchers:

Bet you did not know thousands of Gallons of Drinking Water goes out
of the City of Midland Fire Hydrants every day Under a “Variance to
sell” to Chemical Companies in Midland County, and to water down the
New Construction Sites.

What Water Shortage?????????????????????

Water to be sold



Thanks to the viewer for the submission.
Not to mention the city seems to exempt itself in this crisis…

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Texas Water Areas

This is why we have to conserve water. So many people will not take the hint till their taps run dry. Let’s try and be smarter.


Conservation may be inconvenient, but at the same time, it’s easy.


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Lake levels for JB Thomas as of Sept 04/2011–Live from the field

Keep watering your yards, there is plenty here…somewhere!

Maybe it is over here…

Nope, not here… maybe over there….

Darn, not there either, well there is one more place to look…

I guess it is just as hard to find water here as WMD’s in Iraq!!! No water here either. Let’s try another lake… has to be water somewhere!! While you are keeping your grass green, we will be off for some other lakes… there has to be water… why else would we be wasting it if it were not plentiful. Makes no sense, see you when we get to the other lakes.  Stay Tuned.


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Drought Map for Texas

It is the same or worse in other areas of the nation, mostly the midwest where we have food production being threatened.

Conserve responsibly.

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Weekley Report from CRMWD Augist 15 2011

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City Of Midland

In the ‘DON’T DO THIS” section you will see very sloppy city work going on. They have opened a fire hydrant and are just letting it run. I have no idea who is in charge of all this but that was, in the crisis of a serious drought, simply irresponsible. How much water was just wasted? Why was it not pumped into a truck and sold? One likely reason is that it was inconvenient. So while the city mandates that “we the people” adhere to new rules of conservation, the city is exempt from the same considerations. The only other explanation is that there is no water crisis, so they were not worried. We Wish!!

I hope there are some responsible comments forthcoming from the citizens and the city because what could have been money in the bank is now running down the road.


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