Water Crisis in the Permian Basin

This site is dedicated to conserving our water resources. We will point fingers at those of you out there who are watering streets and sidewalks. Seems petty and trivial, but think about that if we are mandated to use only 5 gallons of water per week! Think hard about that. Then work hard to make sure that does not happen anytime soon by being good stewards of our precious resources.

Blue GoldBlue gold refers to water. A very precious product of nature is being polluted every day. The Missouri river is polluted.  Many of our lakes are as well. Many local aquifers are getting low, and showing signs of man’s recklessness.

We need to treat what we have now with care and concern. The resource is very finite.

Please…everyone…take this seriously. We have not had Rain since September of last year.

Look this up, research. Answers are a few simple clicks away.

Yet with all this happening, we still have people watering in the heat of the day when most of the water turns to vapor. Watering sidewalks, and streets has got to stop. Let’s raise our collective awareness and work to conserve, even if it means our grass will not be as green as we like.  Replant  your yard with native grass acclimated to this weather.

We are in the news.  There is a lot of help out there. Just ask us, and we will get you in touch with people that can help.

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