Reader Reply

Recently we have received many calls and emails. Most were positive, then, well, there are the others.

One reader wanted our address so he/she could video our water usage.

Well, just take pics and send them in. If you get us, we will own up to it, but that is not very likely since we would never water streets or sidewalks, nor would we water in the heat of the day when the water is totally given to evaporation.

Now, I am sure even we can improve. Flushing a bit less, the old “if it’s yellow let it mellow” philosophy. Not letting the water run while brushing teeth.

We tried not showering but once a month and found that it might be useful as an application for population control.

Why can’t we recycle that water, clean it and reuse it. Closed system. Bacteria free and fresh. Then take a guiltless 30 min shower. Yeah, we heard about all the EPA regs… but they do it, and worse, on the space station. It can, and will, be done.

Again, while we may be light and satirical,  this is not a game. Lake Travis, and dropping:

It is serious. Xeriscaping is a possible solution?(yes, it is spelled right.) I am not a fan of concrete, but have seen some very interesting homes that LOOK like they have grass, even the dog thinks it’s grass, but it is not grass. Not a lawnmower or weed eater in sight. Only an orange Dyson stood guard in one corner!

Read more:

Importing a grass that is not indigenous to the area may have been the thing some time ago, but the forecasts have been showing we should have been adapting our properties long ago. It is never too late to get it together, and it can be fun. Not everyone will be able to afford it, but we can all pitch in by following the guidelines that will soon be enforced and cost us some serious beer money if we fail to comply.

Don’t let the Watcher Watchers catch you wetting your sidewalk. Yuck.

Times will get better, but right now, we have to share what is left responsibly because what we are facing is not a joke.

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