Reader Response: Smart Meters may get some cousins!

Technology is great…or not! (please post this, it has been on our minds for while now, even if a bit off topic)

It has occurred to some that the meters may not be confined to just electricity. If we accept these devices, then next is gas and water metering that are controlled via wireless to turn your other centralized utilities. The electric company will charge their sister companies for a small fee to read and regulate the meters. Simple to do, once you have wireless meters all over the place. The water crisis would be controllable, they could turn it on for 3 hours a day so you can flush, shower and do dishes. Same with the gas. They turn it on and off depending on what they define as a “crisis” or if the bill is late.

Water prices will sharply rise. It will become a commodity, and we will not be prepared for living that way. And, there is really no reason to. Yes, the aquifers are drying up. But that is not the only source of water, not with the technology that we have today. But I digress.

Smart meters are the beginning. Imagine that you have a miles quota(digressing again). Try to drive somewhere, and the car will not start. You have used your allotment of miles for the week so the car stays idle till they say so. Police have already used OnStar to turn a car off while police are in pursuit. Not that situation was bad, but you can see the potential for abuse.

The water well signs may not be such a good idea either. Perhaps owners should just water on their appointed days. Putting a sign in the yard might be akin to registering your gun! Makes it easy for them to find you. Paranoia? Perhaps, but there is no reason to tell a thirsty world you have water. Just a thought. Perhaps an important one.

WW: Hmmm, that could certainly happen. We see our personal freedoms dwindling everyday, and every time we travel. Does someone have anything to support or refute these possibilities? Rango speaks!

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