Ban is OVER

The ban is over and, though short lived, was still ignored by many businesses and residents. By no means are we out of the woods and WW offers a community think tank about how to recycle what we have. Showers, dishwashers, washers(the Kenmore kind), and whatever else can be safely recycled. Of course this is a fine science in the ISS where they recycle anything (yup, ANYTHING) and re-drink it.

There just has to be a way to, for example, reuse the showers, like one does a jacuzzi. You never empty a jacuzzi after one use, not very practical… so why cant we recycle, clean and reuse other water? For the moment, forget the grey water rules… let’s just think about a solution, prove it out, then look at any legislative hurtles.

Here is a cocoon shower… easy to recycle the water and re-filter it.

Here is another idea… though not so practical, seems neat.

In any case you get the idea…
We are a city full of engineers and skilled craftsmen. How about giving us a hand?


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